1. Talk
Complete our brief trip planning form and we’ll start the conversation to gather all the needed details.

2. Plan
We prepare a free Trip Concepts proposal with 2-3 trip ideas that you can choose from and further tailor to your desires.

3. Ride
Place your deposit and we’ll finalize your trip details and share your personalized Trip Dossier with route information, a guide to packing/preparing, off-the-bike recommendations, and more.

All trips are customized so trip prices vary. On average, the cost per day for a trip, not including accommodations, is $100 (DIY trips where we do the planning and you do the riding), $300 (supported trips where we take care of you but you ride on your own) and $500 (guided trips where we do all the planning, take care of you, and ride with you). These prices are NOT per person, so with a maximum group size of 6 you can bring the daily per person costs down significantly.

For guests staying at the Cazita during a West County cycling adventure, the rates range from $125-$225/night depending on the group size. For other trips accommodation prices will vary depending on your type of trip (e.g., bikepacking or “credit card” touring) and the level of accommodation you desire.


Members of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and Adventure Cycling Association members always receive 10% off all trip planning and accommodation costs.

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This will depend on your trip type and the time of year. In summer months our preferred accommodations and campgrounds can be booked six months out whereas a backcountry trip using dispersed camping needs no reservations. Based on our initial conversation we will build into your proposed trip itinerary a recommended date for submitting a Trip Booking Deposit that gives us enough time to secure accommodations and other services.

Trips using our west Sonoma accommodations can be planned in a matter of weeks and booked any time of year.

We are a small operation aiming to provide a highly personalized experience in every aspect of your cycling adventure. We cannot meet this standard with groups larger than six. Additionally, true adventures have enough variables to manage. With more than six riders the increased odds of mechanical or other problems arising diminishes the chances of successfully completing an adventure in a way that maintains the quality of your experience.

Since none of our trips are pre-packaged, we don’t set dates and prices and invite you to sign up. This means you won’t be on a trip with strangers who were shopping for a trip and happened to sign up for the same one as you. Your trip is customized to you and the friends or partners you choose to join you. In some cases, if we have interested individuals who we think would be a good match for a small group that wants to bring its costs down by increasing its size, we may make such an introduction.

You don’t see trip prices because every trip is custom crafted and the cost depends on the length of a trip, group size, range of support services included, logistics, and type of accommodations. A typical cost per person/per day is between $100 and $500.

We work with every guest to learn about your fitness and experience level and then develop the trip accordingly. We will vary daily distances and amount of climbing, as well as surface types and steepness or technical difficulty of climbs and descents, in order to ensure you are challenged the way you want.

We’re advocates of looking at weather as part of the adventure. But we understand that at a certain point weather can take all the fun out of a trip, or even worse, make it unsafe. We will work with you to find your comfort level with regard to wet and/or cold riding conditions and support you to be safe and have fun within certain weather parameters. Outside of these parameters, we will offer a refund or the option to change your trip dates.  

By “mixed terrain” we mean a mix of surfaces and types of roads. There might be some gravel, some smooth pavement, some rough pavement, and some even rougher pavement. And these roads will range from flat to steep.