Learn How to Find and Plan Gravel Routes Using our New Gravel Route Planning Guide

Gravel routes can open up previously unexplored roads and add an element of adventure to your cycling. Most gravel routes also offer the advantage of fewer cars. But how to find gravel roads and how to connect them into an enjoyable route can be daunting.

Our Gravel Route Planning Guide walks you through some of the tools we use at Comova to find gravel roads and then assess their viability as part of a gravel route. The “Warnings” and “Tips” sections on each tool will help you avoid pitfalls and plan wisely. The guide is also filled with links to route libraries to help you find existing routes. Other resources include links to clubs and organizations to help you connect with other gravel cyclists.

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However you find and create your gravel routes, we hope you’ll spread the love. And if you want to leave the route planning to someone else, Comova Cycling is here to help!