Wander far
and wise.

Curated cycling adventures await in Sonoma’s West County and beyond.


Comova Cycling is here to help you lean into every turn, soak in every vista, and see how far our local knowledge can take you.

So many roads, so little time!

Comova will help you plan a custom adventure cycling trip tailored to your wishes, terrain type, ability, schedule, and budget.

Hazard Alerts

Ride safely with cues alerting you to everything from potholes and cattle guards to dangerous corners and steep descents

Route Descriptions

Detailed climb stats, insider tips on tackling a climb, and cues for start/end of each climb

Local Insights

Useful details describing what’s ahead as well as natural, cultural and historical details along the route

Food Recommendations

Recommendations for the best food and coffee stops ranging from cafes and bakeries to convenience stores and gourmet restaurants

Scenic Viewpoints

Suggestions for the best views and photo opportunities along your route

Choose your Adventure

Whether you’re new to bike touring or have experience for miles, Comova can meet you where you are to provide just the right level of planning and support.

Hit the road with personalized routes informed by our local knowledge & planning expertise.


Get personalized routes with the assurance of on-call vehicle support if needed.


Enjoy full trip planning with an expert, local guide leading the way.

“Our adventure was incredible. Steve adapted routes day-to-day to meet everyone’s needs.”
adventure cycling close up of shoe and pedal